From January 2013: Last week Aaron Watson was our guest on Radio Texas, LIVE! and as he does, he tried  to take over the show. The Honky Tonk has always been very vocal about not liking our little segment "Five Questions," he purposely gets off topic and he dodges questions like I dodged dodge balls in elementary school -- very well.

Just remember Aaron, it's not Radio Texas, LIVE! with Aaron Watson. Oh yeah, we also debuted his new single "Lips."

Here's "Five Questions," Honky Tonk Kid Style.

After his embarrassing showing in "Five Questions," Aaron was understandably upset and vulnerable, so he went on the attack making fun of the pen I was using.

This lead to a fun story about his sons who are not too fond of pink stuff. When he lost a game of P.I.G. to them he ended up in a "pink granny nighty." You know what this was a fun interview, instead of retelling it just listen to it.

The main reason Aaron Watson stopped by was to debut his new single "Lips," the new single off Real Good Time. It's a song he wrote for his wife. Take notes gentlemen, this song got him a little extra bow hunting this season.

Watson also told us there is a video that is about to be released for the song. "When we were playing NFR in Vegas, we shot the video," says Watson. But he was having trouble convincing his wife to star in it. "I told her I would take her shopping for a purse [if she did it]. She took me to the bank," he joked.

This year Aaron is teaming up with World Vision to help children in need. "The best part of my job is getting to do positive things with my music," says Watson. "World Vision helps children in third-world countries. Seriously, I'm desperately searching for sponsors."

And Aaron made an open promise to everyone, "If you sponsor one of my kids," he said, "I have some very special stuff planned for [you]." Click here to get more information, or become a sponsor today.

Fast forward to 2019, and Watson has two No. 1 album, and is currently on national radio pushing for his second career Top 10 with "Kiss That Girl Goodbye."


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