A Dirty River Boys concert is more of a party in an EF5 tornado than a show. But not one where people get hurt or property is damaged. I take it back, that's a little too destructive of a metaphor and misleading.

A DRB concert is definitely not out of control nor is it random like tornadoes. In this week's Distant Replay we rewind nearly four years to when the guys guys dropped by Radio Texas, LIVE! to sing us a, then, brand new song, "Down By The River." They also got Five Questions -- enjoy!

Hear what we learned four years ago:

Read what we learned four years ago:

1. We don't always double check our answers in Five Questions.
2. DRB merchman, Tim, is a big Super Mario Bros. fan. He's got the tats to prove it.
3. The first people that heard <em>Down by the River</em>, also got a killer Paula Dean cupcake recipe.
4. You might find their record at Bed Bath and Beyond, someday.
5. Their MusicFests get more and more tame as they get more and more older.

Finally we'll leave you with, <em>Thought I'd Let You Know</em>, sung live in the RTX studio, enjoy!

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