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People take this football stuff so seriously! Did you happen to catch this little Facebook drama? The legendary Robert Earl Keen, Jr… being the proud Aggie that he is posted about that damned football playing kid everyone is still talking about, and his Facebook friends/fans went crazy and were all kinds of pissed off. Some even unfollowed Keen and made their unhappiness with his opinion in the comment section.

But have no fear! Charlie Robison has REK’s Facebook back. He went on an expletive laden tirade against anyone who’d ever dare unfollow Keen because of his opinion Johnny Football. Its pretty great. You can see it on my site, I will point out it was LIKED about 2,500 times and shared over 100.

Willy Braun Singin' for Reality TV?

Reckless Kelly’s brand new album LONG NIGHT MOON came out Tuesday, becoming their 8th album. And now Willy Braun has announced a new career path... Recording songs for reality TV! Yup! Check out the hilarious announcement on my site!

Randy Rogers Band Live from Helotes.

This little nugget of goodness made my cold, black heart skipped a beat.

The Randy Rogers Band is set to record another live album CD and DVD…their first in eight years, since LIVE AT BILLY BOBS! The big event is happening over two nights in October at John T. Floore’s Country Store in Helotes. Site of Robert Earl Keen’s seminal Live No. 2 Dinner. Tickets on sale now.

Oh happy day!