If you didn’t hear there is a new player in the country scene, with a name we all, all know. Last month Rolling Stone launched a country music version of their website, and it seems they’re taking an interest in Texas Music. First up was Wade Bowen, now it's Roger Creager.

And the writer for Rolling Stone, has obviously seen a Creager show or two, Jim Casey writes:

If you've ever seen Creager in concert, you know why he's got legions of fans who flock to his live shows. The hardest working — and playing — man on the circuit never fails to deliver his distinctive brand of country music, infused with a broad vocal range, instrumental variety and perpetual energy. When you hear a Creager-branded song, there's no confusing it with anyone else. Creager may not be getting the radio airtime he deserves, but that hasn't stopped him from deep cutting things his own way. His latest album, Road Show, drops later this month and has a message for anyone willing to listen: "To hell with country radio."

Creager's current single River Song is currently leap frogging its way up the Texas charts. It's already at No. 7, after just over a month out to radio.

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