When Casey Donahew Band's brand new record, "Standoff," came out, Casey called into Radio Texas, LIVE! to debut five songs off it. Not only did Donahew offer insight to the songs, I'm pretty sure aside from "Whiskey Baby," we were the first place on radio you got to hear these album cuts, including "Homecoming Queen," "Put the Bottle Down," "Loser," and "Go to Hell." Here's what Casey had to say about the songs:

"Whiskey Baby"

"I wrote this one with Matt Still, it's one of those songs we wrote a long time ago, got half way through and shelved it... Getting ready to do the CD I kept going back and singing the chorus, and I thought man we need to finish this song. It ended up being the unanimous choice for the first single."

"Homecoming Queen"

"This is a song I love off this record... It's just the story of a real popular girl in high school that has spiraled out of control since... I think it's just kind of a cool old rock 'n roll song."

"Put the Bottle Down"

"This is one of those songs I was nervous to put out there. It's definitely one of the more serious songs we've ever done. It tackles alcoholism and domestic abuse... I wrote this song for my wife, she grew up in a similar situation."


"This is definitely a parody. When I was recording this, even in the studio I was all 'I can all ready hear the critics of the world uniting to run us down.' But you know everything doesn't have to be serious, and this is a song we wrote trying to make people laugh right from the get-go."

"Go to Hell"

"To me every album has to have an anthem, and this is the anthem for "Standoff." I wrote this for the guys out there, talking about the worst girlfriend a guy could ever have and the feelings behind it. We've been playing it live and it's been going over real well."