Alright, time for the RTX New Music Challenge. This is your chance to weigh in on the new music we play -- and get an early taste of some great new songs. This week Kyle Park's contemplative new ballad "Long Distance Relationship," goes head-to-head with Curtis Grimes' "Our Side of the Fence," listen to both vote for your favorite.

First up the title track from Curtis Grimes' "Our Side of the Fence." This is one of those songs that really instills a sense of pride in where you come from. Grimes says, "This is my East Texas, small town, be-proud-of-where-you’re-from-don’t-forget-your-roots-song."

The challenger this week is Kyle Park's "Long Distance Relationship." The choice for this as a single was easy for Park who says, "I’ve had people on Facebook and Twitter, for a long time saying one of their favorite song, because it speaks to them — especially military relationships.”