We all know George Strait. Last year, Kyle Park enjoyed a big hit on Texas radio courtesy of a song inspired by Strait, aptly titled "Fit for the King." Today the video for that song is your RTX Sunday Video.

We’ll likely never be able to gauge Strait's influence on Country Music. But in one song Kyle Park has given us, perhaps, a reference point. If nothing else he's clearly shown the affect King George has had on him.

“One of my heroes is George Strait,” Kyle told me. “And I have this song on my record that’s a collaboration of all my favorite songs by him, all my favorite titles, it’s called “Fit for the King,” every word [in it] is a George Strait song.”

To say it’s a clever song is an understatement. True George Strait has had 60 No. 1′s, and countless more Top 10′s, so Park wasn’t short on Strait titles to choose from. But still, the fact that he was able to put thirty-one of of them into one song, and make a story out of it -- that's pretty cool.