Shane Smith & the Saints recently returned from an overseas tour that saw the Austin-based band play shows as far away as Malaysia. Unfortunately the international travel seems to have taken its toll on The Saints' drummer, Zach Stover.

The band has started a GoFundMe to help out Stover who returned from Southeast Asia with pneumonia, and a pulmonary embolism.

Zach is our drummer and our brother in Shane Smith and the Saints. He is not only a great drummer, but also a dear friend, and outstanding person. He is however not the type to complain or to reach out for help on his own, so we have taken it upon our selves to do it on his behalf. He may be upset with us for being too personal but his health has taken a few hard shots recently even though he's taken it all in stride and barely even mentioned it. But he's been so positive about it that we have just played it cool so we didn't add to his stress that we were worried about him. Then we flew to the other side of the world, played some shows, flew back and played some more shows, then we met up early Monday morning for some hard manual labor. By noon it was obvious that he was in some pretty intense pain and after some convincing he finally decided it was time to go back to the doctor. Come to find out he not only had pneumonia but had also suffered a pulmonary embolism that needed immediate medical intervention. We're so glad he went in and caught it before it got worse! Unfortunately the medical bills without insurance are already a bit overwhelming and are not slowing down yet. Please help our friend and brother in anyway you can afford, even simply sharing this go fund me page to your friends could make all the difference. Thank you all so much and we will keep you updated as we find out more! Help spread the word!

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