Americana powerhouses Shane Smith & The Saints full album, Hail Mary, is available today (June 28). It was released in a series of chapters culminating in the final chapter, The End. Chapter 4: The End features two new songs: “Last Train to Heaven" and "The End."

Galleywinter writes, "Shane Smith and the Saints have risen to the forefront at precisely the right time. The world is craving something with substance. Something that makes you feel something. This music is something you feel in your brain, heart, chest and soul all at once. It’s a rousing, roaring, searing trip through life, afterlife, subconscious, the past, future and most alarmingly the present."

From Saving Country Music, "They take an entirely different approach to roots music, specializing in making moments that soar upon the pulsating rhythms and four-part harmonies of something much more akin to a Gothic form of folk rock as opposed to Oklahoma Red Dirt. The Gods are at play in this music, looking to inspire a soaring of the spirit, and a swooning of the heart as Shane Smith taps into archaic chords that trace back to early Appalachia and even Gaelic traditions. This band doesn’t need to appropriate or piggy back off the legacy of anyone. Shane Smith and the Saints are out there forging their own path."

These guys have survived and triumphed through three near-death experiences (a rattlesnake bite, a motorcycle accident, a pulmonary embolism while on tour in Malaysia) and relationship turbulence in their personal lives to create this stunning new record. Inspired by their journey, fans can experience from The Beginning to The End the band’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Hail Mary is available now.

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