Shane Smith & the Saints is one Texas' most dynamic and most must-see live bands. They received their first taste of radio success with hits including "Dance the Night Away," and "Feather in The Wind." From there they have grown into one of the scene's more respected bands.

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Last summer, Shane and the boys released their epic, Hail Mary, in parts, featuring their most recent smash, "Heaven Knows." This week the guys released their new music video for their new song "Oklahoma City."

Here's what front man Shane Smith had to say about this one:

I originally wrote this song about being in a young band.. finally getting to play shows outside of our home state for the first time.. and it honestly ended up going so much deeper than that.

It talks about the struggles that come with doing this as a career.. and all of the sudden it hit home more than ever when the bus fire happened.

We had ironically just shot this video about the “struggles of the road”… and then literally our whole world turned upside down within the next forty-eight hours..

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