Robert Earl Keen is unequivocally, and without a single doubt one of the best entertainers of our time. His songs are stories, his stories are real, and they both just seem so effortless. At the 20th Annual Key West Songwriters Festival Keen offered up advice on how you can write a song. Pencil and paper time, boys and girls.

This Saturday we are all excited to have REK on Radio Texas, LIVE! as a guest. This will mark just the second time the legendary singer/songwriter/entertainer has been on the show, but the last visit was one for the ages; as this one will be too.

The 20th Annual Key West Songwriters Festival featured an impressive lineup of BMI performers, including Chris Young, Robert Earl Keen, Dean Dillon, Jeffrey Steele, Rhett Akins, Bob Dipiero, Lee Thomas Miller, Raul Malo, Al Anderson, Pat MacLaughlin, Shawn Camp, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, James Slater, Even Stevens, Steve Bogard, Steve McEwan, Guthrie Trapp and the Mulekickers, Chuck Cannon, Loving Mary, Josh Dorr, Dylan Altman Blues Band, Kostas, Aaron Watson, Charlie Worsham, and other heavy-hitters.