What better way to tell the world big news when you're a singer/songwriter? Our favorite Alabaman, Adam Hood has revealed the sex of his baby; and it was via "The Gender Reveal Song."

My baby is a girl (is a girl, is a girl)

Yeah my babay is a girl (is a girl)

I'm gonna have a babay and she gonna be a girl

It's a girl, we're having a baby girl, yeah

Not Hood's deepest lyrics, but none were ever sung more happily, or with more passion.

This isn't the first big announcement-by-song for Hood and his wife, you may recall back in September they shared the baby news in very similar fashion. At this rate, he may want to look into writing songs for folks who have big news - make a little extra scratch.

Congrats, Hoods!


Spoiler alert! Gender reveal video!!

Posted by Adam Hood on Tuesday, November 10, 2015