Over the course of his nearly two decade career, Stoney LaRue has racked up over 1 million albums and singles sold. The Red Dirt legend has also shared stages with some of the biggest names in country music and performed at Nashville’s renowned Grand Ole Opry, all while playing over 200 dates a year.

"I'm a Taurus, and we're loyal, I read that in my horoscope somewhere," Stoney says only half-joking about why he returns to MusicFest each year. "It's about being around my peers and seeing people I don't get to see very often... It's about seeing how people change and how people stay the same."

And he's not slowing down. His new album Onward was released in November of last year, and he's got a new single out to Texas radio called "Message in a Bottle."

In Steamboat Springs at MusicFest earlier this month, Stoney caught up with Eric Raines from our KOKEFM affiliate in Austin for a great conversation, and a couple live tunes, give it a listen.

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