Sturgill Simpson is making a bluegrass album. Monday morning (June 1) the Grammy winner shared a (now deleted) video to Instagram where he introduced fans to several folks as he made his way through a studio, then turned the camera on himself and said, “Get your Zyrtec ready cause we cuttin’ that grass.”

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Y’all raised a Scrooge McDuck pile of $$$ to help a lot people in need and I promised you a record this year. So I’m taking a detour from the five album plan to cut my entire back catalog of songs for you guys the way they were written and meant to be played… ruff, rugged, n’ raw. More good news coming soon. In the meantime lets all try to live above hell. - Sturgill Simpson

If you missed it, last month Sturgill and his fans raised around $230,000 for various charities he supports, which earned us all a new Sturgill album in 2020. So as Simpson sets the table to make-good on that promise I will try not to dwell on the fact that had we raised $1 million we'd be getting two albums.

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