When I saw Sturgill Simpson was going to be David Letterman's musical guest last night, I became very excited. Then I forgot all about it. Thank God for the internet, right?

If you've been listening to Radio Texas, LIVE! at all the last couple months then you've heard me talk about Sturgill, and you've heard his single Turtles all the Way Down. You've also heard me tell you he's from Kentucky, and you've heard me say his music needs to be on the radio.

What I'm getting at is his music so good, that it wouldn't matter if he was from Connecticut or Montana, or China; until he is being played on all country radio stations, I have to play him on Radio Texas, LIVE!, I have to, for you.

His album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, has been in my CD player in my truck since April, and I can't see a single reason why I'd take it out anytime soon. Download Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, it's life changing. In the mean time click here to enjoy his performance on Letterman, last night.