Green River Ordinance

Tops in Texas
This week Bri Bagwell holds onto the No.1 1 spot for the second week in a row with "My Boots," and Aaron Watson cracks the top ten with "Getaway Truck."
10. Aaron Watson - Getaway Truck
9. Micky and the Motorcars — Tonight We Ride
New Music: Pre-Order 'Fifteen' by Green River Ordinance
It is not often you find a band that has stuck around in it's entirety, especially starting out as youngsters. Members drift away, goals and desires for the music changes. However, one band that has stuck it out for the long haul are Fort Worth natives Green River Ordinance.
Jimmy Fallon Debuts New Green River Ordinance
Well this is something I wasn't expecting to see; The Tonight Show, it seems, is debuting new music now on their website. On Tuesday it was Texas-based Green River Ordinance, and their new single "Red Fire Night," that took the spotlight.
Natalie's P.O.T.W.
I wish more often there were songs like this which resonates on the inside – a song that is pure and fresh. It should happen more often than not.
Grab Your Sunscreen and Beer
Green River Ordinance is hosting the first annual "Rock The River Fest," a two day music festival and tubing trip in New Braunfels. Join GRO with some of their favorite artists and float the Guadalupe River during the day, and rock out that night at River Road Ice House!
Our Top Five
I've said it before, and I'll say it again... "Texas Music" is a very loose term around these parts. It's got a little bit of this, and a little bit of that all thrown into a massive melting pot of folk, rock, country, rockabilly, and Americana tunes. The good news i…
Wanna Book a Band?
I think one of the most underestimated, and perhaps under-appreciated, concepts is how much it costs an artist to play a show, whether it be acoustic or full band. Musicians have to think about not only the band members, but the road crew, equipment, insurance, travel costs, lodging... the list goes…

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