Well this is something I wasn't expecting to see; The Tonight Show, it seems, is debuting new music now on their website. On Tuesday it was Texas-based Green River Ordinance, and their new single "Red Fire Night," that took the spotlight.

We’ve got a fun a music break for your Tuesday afternoon: the exclusive first listen to Green River Ordinance’s new single “Red Fire Night.” The five piece folk-rock outfit from Fort Worth, TX have been hard at work for 15 years. Recently, the group retreated to a Tennessee cabin to record their upcoming LP “Fifteen.” Here’s lead vocalist Josh Jenkins on what inspired their new single, “Red Fire Night”:

That song is about just enjoying life,” Jenkins says, “Just spending time with friends and celebrating.” Ice agrees. “There are a lot of things that can bring you joy,” he says. “You can watch Netflix for 20 hours and that can be fun. But really experiencing life, those good moments with friends and family – that’s what brings the deeper joy.