Their 2011 album Down the Hatch was an amazing debut project. That year, The Damn Quails, headed by Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White, had us all certain we had found the future of Red Dirt.

But it was nearly five years before they Oklahoma-based band was able to put out a follow up album, due to legal problems, problems that just seemed to drain the duo of life.

We were hopeful again, when they were free to finally release their second album Out of the Birdcage in September of 2015, the critically acclaimed album had fans happy too. Ultimately it just wasn't meant to be. Read more about their seemingly cursed, uphill, battle from our friends at Saving Country Music.

On Sunday June 19th Gabriel and Bryon posted a joint message to fans that The Damn Quails would be going on "indefinite hiatus." Sad day for Red Dirt.

Thanks for the music, guys.

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