After toiling around Oklahoma honing their most impressive craft, slowly forming their band member-by-member; Bryon White, Gabe Marshall, and The Damn Quails burst onto the Texas scene in 2011.

It was their debut album, "Down the Hatch," produced by the legendary Mike McClure and the regional radio hits it produced that ultimately did it for the guys.

Now four years later, and battle-tested, the Quails have announced a new project, much to the happiness of their diehard fan base. According to Red Dirt Nation the band's sophomore album "Out of the Bird Cage" September 8, 2015.

We started a Kickstarter campaign in January, which is great to fund the record," White said. "We raised $54,000 thanks to the fans and all the people that contributed to it."

Because of the generous donations, The Damn Quails were able to head south to record the new album.

"We recorded [Out of the Bird Cage] at 12th Street Sound in Austin, so we had lots of microphones to experiment with and lots of different sounds. We just kind of messed around until we got what we wanted," White said.

If you'd like, check out more about the album here. Now, is it September yet?

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