Take your pick, flying out of Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, you'll find hourly domestic and international flights to just about anywhere, that is of course except one U.S. state.

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All in there are 24 airports in Texas with scheduled flights. And according to Texas Airport Director there is aeronautical information on nearly 400 airports that are open to the public inside The Lone Star State. But, despite that, there is one state you cannot catch a direct flight to out of Texas?

It's not Alaska, Alaska has the most airports of any U.S. state., In fact, virtually every town in Alaska has an airport. That means Alaska has by far the most airports in the country per capita, containing nearly one out of every 50 airports in the U.S.


Any more guesses which state it is?

Did someone say Rhode Island? Sorry, you are incorrect. You can get a direct flight from DFW to Providence for just a couple hundred bucks.

No one said California? Nah, wouldn't think you would. Most of us have probably caught a flight to Cali at some point, whether we wanted to or not. South Dakota, maybe? Nope. It's definitely not Hawaii.


So, What's the Only State You Can't Fly Directly to From Texas?

Delaware. Delaware is the only state without commercial airline service. If you want to visit Delaware it's gonna have to be via car or train... or horseback. You could walk too, but you ain't gonna fly into it.

That's wild, but it makes sense, right? It's so tiny, I mean we've got a ranch inside Texas bigger than that entire state -- but everyone living there is probably living in closer proximity to more major airports than a lot folks here in Texas.

Anyway, as Ray Wylie Hubbard once sang "I doubt I ever get a gig in Delaware anyway."

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