This week Cody Jinks looks to keep his latest single "Ain't a Train" at No. 1 for a third consecutive week. To do it, he'll have to hold off a couple of Jons, and David Adam Byrnes. Let's see where everyone stacks up.

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10. Kylie Frey - Spur of the Moment 
9.  Aaron Watson - Whisper My Name
8. Bri Bagwell - As Soon As You 
7. Parker McCollum - Like a Cowboy
6. Curtis Grimes - Little Bit
5. Mike Ryan - Ghost Town
4. Jon Stork - Radio Cowboy
3. Jon Wolfe - Feels Like Country Music 
2. David Adam Byrnes - Neon Town 
1. Cody Jinks - Ain't a Train

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Song rankings compiled by the CDXTraction TX Chart.

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