Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen have finally relinquished their ninja-death-grip on No. 1, however Randy didn't go too far as he and his band hope to slide right in to the top spot. But Whiskey Myers have go their eyes on the prize too. Who lands No. 1? Let's find out.

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10. Kylie Frey - Spur of the Moment 
9. Cross Rags and Young - Family Name
8. Cody Jinks - Ain't a Train
7. David Adam Byrnes - Neon Town
6. Bri Bagwell - As Soon As You
5. Jon Wolfe - Feels Like Country Music
4. Jon Stork - Radio Cowboy
3. Whiskey Myers Bury My Bones
2. Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen - Rodeo Clown
1. Randy Rogers Band You, Me, and a Bottle

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