Unable to tour regularly, Wade Bowen has been finding different ways to stay busy during the pandemic; appearing on tribute shows, singing with The Sequestered Songwriters, he released a couple of albums, hell he's even hosted his own show, "Wade's World." The Texas singer/songwriter has certainly been doing his part to keep fans entertained. But this isn't the first time we've welcomed Wade into our homes.

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Who remembers his web series the “Garage Mahal"? Back in 2017, before any of us knew what "socially distanced" was, Wade and company were performing the semi-regular online show, where he sang original and cover songs with friends, his son and more.

Over the course of the special he covered Jason Isbell, Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, The Eagles, Robert Earl Keen, and more. Now, I love me some REK, and man 'I'm Coming Home' just may be my absolute favorite song of his, a top fiver for sure. give Wade's take a whirl up top.

I promised you through this series wed have guests, friends, and family. Today," Wade says, "we have my good buddy Will Knaack... an extraordinary talented guy... Today I wanted to take a hit on one of my biggest influences. I think influences are different than heroes or people you love listening to. For me Ive made it pretty clear I'm a huge Robert Earl Keen fan, this is one of my favorite Keen songs.

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