It's a very good thing Cody Jinks' family depends on him for his singing and songwriting skills, as by my count he was a dismal 0-12 on this particular evening -- that's including one air ball and one missed lay up. Yeah, you're right, "lack of basketball skills" would have been a more complete headline.

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Basketball's loss though is country music's gain, because Jinks' ability to sink a 3-pointer doesn't matter when the Fort Worth native is rocking us fans down to our souls with his transcendent brand of music.

This spring, Cody Jinks was busy at Sonic Ranch. In between giving fans live updates from the studio, he managed to record 30 country songs. This month, Jinks painted a clearer picture of what fans can expect and when we can expect it.

"Recorded nearly 30 country songs during the month of May... Have 12 empty slots, so we will find out soon enough which 12 make the to be named country album! Expect the new album to land this October or November. We are releasing it 100% indie. No label. No distribution company. Nothing, but team Jinks and team True Grit via my Late August Records label. Perfect."

In addition to the new country project, Jinks has revealed his new side metal project, it's called Caned By Nod. Click here to follow along with it (the band?) (the album?) on Facebook. No word yet on when we'll get our first listen, but I'm intrigued. I'm going to be honest here, I'm not even 100% what constitutes "metal," but Ward Davis has managed to get me excited about this project. Read what he had to say about it here.

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