You know that "Loud and Heavy" is one of your favorite Cody Jinks songs. What you may not know is that the song was inspired by his then 2-year-old son. If you're not seeing the video up top click here to watch.

A couple years ago JD Collins from KIKN, our affiliate in Sioux Falls, SD, had a great conversation with Jinks where he shared the story of how the song came to be.

My son and I were riding down the road in my white van, it was his second birthday. He wanted to go to Tractor Supply Company and see a tractor. While we were up there it started raining, and I said 'Hey buddy, there's a lot of loud thunder and heavy rain out there' and he just said "loud thunder heavy rain" over and over and over. And I got that tune in my head... He's got half the writer's rights on that song.

We're not sure if this has happened before -- if it has none of us have seen a video of it -- over the weekend at his concert in Nacogdoches Jinks invited his son out on stage for the song he co-wrote.

Shout out Chad Mitchell for capturing the moment and sharing it.

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