Cody Canada has been doing it longer and better than most. From his rock star days with Cross Canadian Ragweed to today with The Departed not many have stayed truer to their craft.

Crowd surfing or stage diving, it doesn't matter what you call it; anyone who has ever lipped-synced a song, is a boy or girl, and been between 10-19 years-old has dreamed of doing it. Five years ago the Departed front man was caught on video living out a fantasy we've all had. Over the weekend the vid made it's way back onto Facebook newsfeed thanks to Timeline.

Take notes, cause this is text book crowd surfing.

Right down to going all Aaron-Rodgers on the crowd, directing them where to go, and making sure they were ready. Hey, you gotta make sure folks are in position to properly catch you. Or else you end up like this.


Cody crowd surfingAt Joe's during the final song....10-24-10

Posted by Cheryl Anderson on Tuesday, October 26, 2010