We've known for a while now that Dwayne Johnson is a fan of Cody Jinks. I mean he's The Rock, but he's still a human. It was three years ago Johnson fan-boyed over one of Texas' best secrets on his Instagram.

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This week we find out that The People's Champ is also a fan of our own East Texas rockers, Whiskey Myers. "That's a good dude, he keeps it country. His name is Whiskey Myers," he says in the video as he tries to remove the lid on what we assume is his 47th protein shake of the day.

So, he hasn't figured out that there is no one in the band named Whiskey, that is beside the point. The fact that one of the world's most bankable stars of our generation is on board with one of the best Southern Rock bands of our generation is the point. That's badass.

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