Whiskey Myers is one of the most prolific bands to come out of Texas in the past decade. To date the lauded southern rockers have released five studio albums (2008's Road of Life, 2011's Firewater, 2014's Early Morning Shakes, 2016's Mud, and 2019's Whiskey Myers).

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Fifteen-years of busting their humps, putting out amazing albums, and rocking sans dying at live shows for fans, it has been great to see all of their recent praise and success. Bolstered by being featured in the hit show "Yellowstone," A LOT, it's been rad to see so many new people find the guys thanks to the Duttons.

Well, now Cody Cannon and the boys can add film soundtrack to their resume. They are featured in the new Angelina Jolie movie, "Those Who Wish Me Dead." I haven't gotten to watch the movie yet, but in what appears to be a pivotal scene in the film "Early Morning Shakes" is blasting prominently as Jolie parachutes out of a very-fast-moving pick up truck. INTENSE.

In June the East Texas rockers will kick off their massive US tour playing in Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, Michigan, and that's not even all.

July will see them melting faces in North AND South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois. I'm pretty sure the guys are just showing off now. In August they'll play for the people in West Virginia, New York, Tennessee, South Dakota (again), and Minnesota (again), it's like they've run out of states. No reason to even get into September, October, or November (with two shows in Idaho) cause I met my word count quota for this post.

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