Over the last ten years Whiskey Myers has cemented themselves into the Texas, Red Dirt, and Southern Rock scenes -- playing sold out shows from Texas to the UK; and up and down both US coasts.

They've released four studio albums, 2008's Road of Life, 2011's Firewater, 2014's Early Morning Shakes, and 2016's Mud, and amassed a rabid and loyal fan base along the way.

Fresh off a massive European run, East Texas' Southern Rockers will bring their Die Rockin' Tour home for their second annual Wiggy Thump Festival next weekend (June 8th) in Palestine. TX. In addition to Whiskey, festival-goers willl get performances from The Steel Woods, Chris Colston, and Read Southall Band. Get your tickets now.

Also, we should note, every ticket sold for this show will include a physical copy of the forthcoming new Whiskey Myers album. Which may be all the reason you need to buy a ticket, whether you can make it out or not.

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