William Clark Green recorded his first live album in January of this year at Gruene Hall, his highly anticipated fifth album, which is out now, was the focus of a recent interview with AXS.

In the interview Green shares the reason for wanting to do a live album was that "Not being able to go to live shows at 16, 17, 18 years-old; a live record was my only outlet to to that. So for me it was very important." Which is why, Green explains, they kept the live album so true to the show they do in night in and out.

Last month, the always humble and perhaps most approachable rising star in Texas told Rolling Stone, and folks that don’t know our scene, just how chill, and fan reliant it is.

“You gotta understand, in our scene I know the majority of our fans personally from day one. Because I meet them all, I drink with them after shows. They have our cell phone numbers. So when we played those shows, it was kind of like a welcoming party, a ‘welcome-to-the-big-leagues’ [for us and them].