William Clark Green is, by most accounts, the hottest up and coming act in the Texas scene. But Green is also one of the scene's greatest ambassadors, and one who more than most realizes, or maybe is just not scared to admit, that his pursuit of success has been, and still is, a long and arduous road.

And anyone who has had a five-minute conversation with him, read or heard an interview with him knows that he is very quick to recognize and thank folks who have given him a hand when he needed it.

It's because of this trait, that it's as no surprise that the Undisputed King of Lubbock is giving a fan a shot at singing with him at Billy Bob's in May.

That, or he just thinks it'd be cool to give a fan the thrill of a lifetime.

Whatever his reasons, submit your video singing a WCG song on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #‎wcgsongchallenge‬, and you could be singing at the World's Largest Honky Tonk with The Next Big Thing.

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