Recorded back in January at Gruene Hall, William Clark Green's highly anticipated fifth album, and first live album is out today.

Green tells Rolling Stone of the new project, "It's real. There's no overdubs. We're not fooling anybody, we didn't add crowd noises. I didn't want to be like, 'Hey guys, this is a live record so don't say anything fucking stupid.' We went and had fun."

The always humble and perhaps most approachable rising star in Texas also shared with Rolling Stone, and folks that don't know our scene, just how chill, and fan reliant it is.

"You gotta understand, in our scene I know the majority of our fans personally from day one. Because I meet them all, I drink with them after shows. They have our cell phone numbers. So when we played those shows, it was kind of like a welcoming party, a 'welcome-to-the-big-leagues' [for us and them].

Tomorrow, the man with the newest live album in Texas, will be in studio with us on Radio Texas, LIVE! and we'll debut a few songs off the live album, be sure to tune in, Green will be here beginning at 9 p.m. CST.