His new album 'Ringling Road' will be out April 21, and the very next day (April 22) William Clark Green will be heading to Cowboy's in Tyler for an acoustic show with me. In honor of that, how about a Throwback Thursday starring WCG.

Not that William Clark Green needs to explain anything to anyone, let alone me. But when he stopped by last November he explained why he broke a promise to me, shared "Ringling Road" details, and we discussed the difference between his No. 1 single, 'Hanging Around' and Josh Abbott's No. 1 single, 'Hangin' Around.'

Spoiler alert - it's the "G" on hanging, the words and melody. Here's what else we learned:

1. Parking tickets suck. Especially when you get them for being responsible.
2. Cities should dismiss parking tickets, if you leave your truck downtown overnight because you are NOT drinking and driving.
3. The followup to Rose Queen, will be titled Ringling Road and will be out in early 2015.
4. Green really like Josh Abbott's new song Hangin' Around, a song with the same title as his last single. But if we can only play one of 'em, it should be Will's
5. Will is heading back out on an acoustic run this Christmas with Randy Rogers and Sean McConnell. The second year in a row they've teamed up for this.
6. Randy Rogers has, at least once, dropped his kid off at school in his tour bus.
7. Randy makes Will sing after Sean, because really, who'd want to follow Sean McConnell.

Green's next project Ringling Road will be out early in 2015, and we are all excited to hear it. During this visit he sang the title track for us, a song that Will should look into licensing to American Horror Story: Freak Show, it's a great song, and would fit this season perfect.

And finally, before he loaded up in his truck and headed out, Will was kind enough to explain to me the thought process of not releasing Dead or in Jail as a single, something I (and his own mother) would have really, really liked to see him do. Plus we play the song for the last time ever on radio, or is it?