Well, it's official according to William Clark Green's Facebook page. Green's next project, Ringling Road, set for release in 2015, has wrapped and we are all excited, to say the least, for the East Texas native's follow up to Rose Queen.

The last album featured his breakthrough award winning hit She Likes the Beatles, the No.1 singles Rose Queen and Hanging Around, and of course the unreleased Dead or in Jail.

When Will last visited he sang the title track for it, what a great song! It's got all the ingredients for good music: death, clowns, compelling story, drugs, elephants, a bear on a bike with a bottle of booze, and that haunting melody.

I'm really looking forward to Ringling Road, be on the look out for it in early 2015. Click here to check out Will's last visit with us in it's entirety.