It's been about four years since I met William Clark Green, then a friend and Lubbock radio personality was working as his radio promoter pro bono, simply because she believed in him and his music. Since then Green's hard work, talent, and relentless tour schedule have saturated the Texas scene. And it's paying off, evidence of this -- today Green is enjoying his very first No.1 single with "She Likes the Beatles."

What started out in west Texas, when he attended Texas Tech in Lubbock has spread across the entire state. His latest album "Rose Queen" debuted in April of 2013 to rave reviews, even peaking at No. 36 on the Country Billboard Chart, which is an amazing feat for an independent artist. Then in June, The Dallas Observer named "She Likes the Beatles" a Top 10 Song So Far of 2013.

"It's little stuff like that, that's just huge for us!" Green tells me, "We've spent so much time behind the scenes, and a little bit of recognition never hurt anybody, right?.. We've really put a lot into this record and it's really nice to see some people appreciate it."

"Rose Queen" is jammed full of great songs. Here's one of it's hot tracks, "Dead or in Jail."

Talking with Green it's apparent, he takes none his current success for granted. "You know at the end of the day the beautiful thing about the Texas scene is it rewards hard work," he says. "It's been a slow process for us, you know baby steps, baby steps."

And he is very proud to have written his current single and first No.1 with Brian Keane. "You know the guy writes hits," Green says bragging about his co-writer.

And here it is the biggest song in all the land, this week "She LIkes the Beatles."