On Monday (1/12), fans of Jason Isbell were surprised to hear Zac Brown cover his song Dress Blues. Brown performed on ESPN's College Game Day, before the first-ever National Championship college football game between Oregon and Ohio State.

Some Isbell fans have complained how the song was introduced as one of Zac Brown’s “hits,” which was unfortunate, or whined that that Zac Brown changed the late verse from, “Hollywood war” to “God awful war.” But Isbell himself was very appreciative for the opportunity given to his song, thanking both ESPN and Zac Brown on Twitter following the performance. This isn’t a competition between whose version is better, and we can’t be surprised some clueless announcer didn’t give Isbell proper credit. As Isbell said yesterday, “If you want more popular country artists to sing songs that have some real meaning, don’t be pissed at the ones who do.”

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