If the new song, While I was Away, from Zane Williams doesn't have you holding back a tear or two, you might want to get your heart checked, it's a great tune about missing home and family. Now Zane is asking for help from you to make the music video.

Content examples; (if at all possible please record video horizontally)
– Video of you Skyping your family or loved one.
– Video or photos of seeing your family after a long period away.
– Photos or Video of letters from your loved ones while away.
– Photos of your Children’s drawings while you were away.
– Video of your personal story of what it’s like working away from home.
– Video of you holding a picture of your family at your work. (oil field, military base, etc)
– Video of you holding a picture of your loved one who works away at your home.
– Video of special events/holidays when your loved one was away. (christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays, sports events, etc) Can be home videos.
– Video of your family telling your loved one who is away that they love them and to come home soon
– Get Creative! If you have another idea for a video please submit!

We need this material as soon as possible! Deadline for submissions is Sept 1st. Please see below for specific directions on how to submit material.

Put all your content in a folder together (if it winds up being multiple video files) and upload it here: http://www.filemail.com

To: zanesvideo@gmail.com

From: (your email so we can reply when necessary)

Subject: zane williams video

If you have any questions about delivering your video, please ask jami (jami@bemusicentertainment.com).