Zane Williams is kicking his career into high gear these days, with singles rising higher and higher on the Texas radio charts and a spot on the popular documentary TV show Troubadour TX. Now, with the release of his latest CD, 'Overnight Success', it appears Zane will continue his upward trend.

'Overnight Success' is an obvious tongue-in-cheek statement about Zane Williams' career. This being his fourth CD is clear evidence of that fact. What is not so obvious about this album is that, will all due respect to his 2011 'Ride With Me' and the others before it, the new CD is far and away Zane's most complete work to date.

The title track opens 'Overnight Success', done in a rambling, story-telling style that Williams has made his own over the years. This tune serves as a do-it-yourself guide to becoming a success in the music industry - a story that seems to span about 10-15 years. I love it.

'Sure Felt Like Goodbye' is a landmark song for Williams. I think that years from now, we'll all look back at this song as the first time Zane connected the dots with his great songwriting, singing and making a song that more fans can identify with and any country radio station could embrace. I stand by my original review of the song when it was released to radio in November.

This is a great example of a classic country song, and extremely well executed by Williams. He conveys the emotion of the heartbroken man telling the story perfectly, and makes the story easily identifiable to his listeners.

Just when I thought Zane had spent his mainstream country talents on 'Sure Felt Like Goodbye', the CD follows up with 'On a Good Day'. A slow, sad, fiddle-laden song about a guy trying to recover and move on from lost love. Williams' voice shares the emotion of a hurt, tired guy who knows he needs to take life day-by-day, and some of those days will be better than others. Again, this song is begging to be heard by the masses. This one belongs on the radio too.

'Damned' is awesome. Zane channels a late 80's Dwight Yoakam for this one, and that makes me smile. I'm not sure if he decided to write a tribute to the country legend or it just came out that way, but I hope he's as happy with this song as I am. 'Damned' is a great, fun song. Period.

'Little Too Late', 'Hands of a Workin' Man' and 'Tired of Gettin' By' all have a throwback feel to them. In fact, in reflecting on all 11 tracks of 'Overnight Success', it seems as though Zane Williams wore out a lot of country vinyl in preparation for this CD. This album is country gold, brought into the present day. The entire body of work that is 'Overnight Success' seems like a reminder that nobody is an overnight success, and singers/songwriters/musicians begin their road to success or failure when they first fall in love with music. But I could be wrong.

On November 17th, 2009, I met Zane Williams for the first time. He visited me at my radio station, gave me about 45 minutes of his time and played a couple of songs in studio. After that brief visit, I tweeted "Zane Williams (no relation) needs to be famous some day.". Three and-a-half years later, I stand by that statement. And with the release of his new CD, 'Overnight Success', Zane is out to prove me right.

Zane Williams 'Overnight Success' - Track List

1.  Overnight Success
2.  Sure Felt Like Goodbye
3.  On a Good Day
4.  Whey You've Got a Woman
5.  Damned
6.  The Simple Things
7.  Little Too Late
8.  Kissin'
9.  Hands of a Workin' Man
10.  Tired of Gettin' By
11.  While I Was Away