Zane Williams is no stranger to Abilene or the KEAN 105 studios. He went to Abilene Christian University, and has made several return visits to promote new singles and local concerts as his music career begins really to take off. This time around, Zane brought his new single 'Overnight Success' as well as the film crew from the documentary TV show 'Troubadour, Tx'.

The first part of our conversation with Zane Williams included an introduction to his brand new guitar, and talked about Cody Johnson, who he recently opened a show for at the Lucky Mule.

"I really like Cody and his band. He's such a great performer and has so much energy. I just wanted to check out his band and see what they were doing, and see what I could learn, and plus I just enjoy his shows...that's about the only chance I get to see other artists do their thing, is if I'm opening for them...Usually if they're opening for me I don't get a chance, because I'm backstage getting ready."

Cody Johnson's new single, 'Ride With Me' is one that Zane wrote. Williams talked about how great it would be to have both Cody's and his new single in the top 5 of the charts at the same time. Here's the first part of our conversation:

Next, Zane played the song I asked him to in studio. "I'm a country artist. Every country artist has to have at least one good cheating song in their's just part of the genre. I don't actually feel this way. If I did, I wouldn't probably write a song about it."

Zane also talked about the radio tour he was on (day 12 of 12) with his wife, two kids and mother-in-law. Check it out here:

The third part of my conversation included talk about the TV show Zane has been featured on, 'Troubadour, Tx'. The documentary show has been following him around for over 2 years, and I asked him if he ever gets used to having a camera in his face everywhere he goes. He tells us

"Yeah...I don't think my wife does. Cuz I'll just be like 'Troubadour, Tx is coming over today' [and she responds] 'WHAT?' [laughs]. I don't do anything different. That's the way you deal with it, you just don't do anything different....Right now they're filiming for Season 3, and I've been on it since Season 1. I'm really excited that the show is growing and doing well. I'm hoping to just to be on it as long as they'll have me...all I have to do is be around a camera a lot.". Williams goes on to say "It's getting the music out there. Getting my story out there. It's getting to the point were, I go around, some people have actually seen me. I'm no duck dynasty guy...I don't have a catch phrase or anything, but I do get recognized by some people who watch me on 'Troubadour, Tx' and I'm thankful."

We also talked about Zane's new single, "Overnight Success," and he told us why he decide to release it as a national single, and not just regional. Take a listen to Segment 3 of my conversation with Zane, and the title track to his new CD:

For the final portion of my conversation with Zane Williams, he sang 'Hands of a Workin' Man', written by Zane as "an ode to the hard workin' folks who do the dirty jobs that make the world go 'round for the rest of us." We also talked about his brand new music video (his first ever) for "Overnight Success."

Check out the rest of the interview here:

He is the 'zaniest' Zane he can be. True to himself and his music. Find out more about Zane, where he's playing and other info from his official website. You can also 'Like' Zane on Facebook and follow his every step on Twitter. And, of course, follow Zane Williams on the upcoming season of Troubadour, Tx!