Pat Green took the song to the top of the Texas charts, but it was penned by one of Texas' most talented, yet under the radar, songwriters, Zane Williams. "While I Was Away" is a gut wrenching song about a dad who is coming to terms with the fact that his life on the road is keeping him from watching his kids grow up.

It was on this day, three years ago, Williams debuted the song on Radio Texas, LIVE! In it Williams paints the most vivid picture of a man who knows that his children are happy, healthy and learning; but he comes to the realization that it's all happening while he is away.

For every dollar I earn there's a lesson you learn with out me there / And every day I'm on the go, I'm prayin' that you know your daddy cares / Cause the hardest part about working hard ain't the bills I gotta pay, it's you growing up while I was away.

Pat Green does an excellent cover, but man, if Zane's is not just a notch or two above it. The Abilene native's latest album, Bringin' Country Back, is a revitalization of real country music. The latest single off it, "Hello World," is out to radio now.

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