Adam Fears latest music video is a touching tribute to his grandfather.

The mini-movie begins with a beautiful, sweeping shot of Fears walking through a grassy field toward the church. He then activates an old film projector to recall scenes in which the old man teaches the young boy to ride a horse, witnesses his first stirrings of love, gives him his first guitar and joins him in his bedtime prayers.

Fears says of the song, "In my line of work, you dance in the devil’s playground every night. There’s temptation everywhere. Hollywood calls it 'sex,drugs, and rock’n’roll.' As an artist you have to remember who you are. More importantly you have to remember WHOSE you are. I’m far from perfect, but Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and it’s because of Him I’m able to do what I love. It’s because of Him we’ve made it this far. It’s because of Him I’ll get to see the man I wrote this song about someday soon."