Adam Fears has a great sound, and a growing resume, that will very soon match it. The up-and-comer's songs have already been cut by Sammy Kershaw, and Country Music icon George Jones. And now it's time for you to know who Adam Fears is.

What we learned from Adam's visit:

1. He couldn't recall the smallest state in the US, under pressure, but quickly recovered.
2. He's playing what might be the coolest concept shows, I've ever heard. During blackout bowling, on a stage over the alleys, while people are bowling.
3. Folks in the Northeast love to line dance. And make line dances.
4. He's got pipes.

Hear Middle of Nowhere live:

When you get a chance to, be sure to check Adam Fears out in concert. He and his band have a dynamic live show. By the way his drummer, Scott Metko, also plays with David Ball and is in Rayna James' band on the hit ABC show Nashville, that's sayin' something.