Former Pistol Annie, Angaleena Presley, is out with the followup to her debut solo album, 2014's American Middle Class. The Kentucky native is not holding anything back with her second solo album, Wrangled.

You may recall in 2011 Miranda Lambert shocked the country world announcing an all-girl-group with Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, called The Pistol Annies.

The trio’s raw and honest music resonated well with fans. But after just two albums, 2011’s “Hell on Heels” and 2013’s “Annie Up,” the ladies canceled their 2013 tour and the girl group just kinda disappeared. Rumors still pop up every now and then of a reunion.

Well, if you thought Holler Annie was brutally honest before you ain't heard honesty yet, Presley said of her latest project, “If I have to be the whistleblower, so be it,” she recently told the Nashville Scene. “I’m 40, I don’t have anything to lose. This is my F-you record.”

And on collaborating with Yelawolf, Angaleena says, What he does is like the backbone of what all of those people were trying to do on country radio, but he’s doing it for real, and it’s honest. So I thought it would be really fitting for him to come and do that part.”

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