I've got to be honest. I can't name one Bob Schneider song. And there's no way I could pick him out of a lineup (unless he always poses like the picture up there). So you're correct when assuming I wouldn't be able to identify him if his song were to play on my radio, cause I wouldn't. But, I'm so excited for this show.

All I've ever heard is how great he is, but not from a lot of people. It's a quality over quantity thing for me here. The few people I trust about music, are all the ones singing his praises.

So Friday night (8/2) I will make my way to downtown Tyler for my first ever Bob Schneider show. I won't be able to sing a long, if there's more than one person on stage, I'll be guessing which one he is -- at least till he sings. But I haven't been more excited for a show in a long time.

We'll have your chance to get on our guest list tomorrow on the Radio Texas, LIVE! Facebook page, so stop by. Secure your tickets now.

Here's "Honey Pot." I don't know off-hand if it's popular, but just judging by YouTube views (126,000) it is. See ya at Liberty Hall.