Bob Schneider

Flood Of Love
It has been several weeks since this year's Memorial Day Weekend floods ravaged the small town of Wimberley, Texas, but the Texas/Red Dirt music scene hasn't forgotten about those Central Texas families who are still trying to rebuild their community.
Carll + Schneider
Hayes Carll and Bob Schneider, two of Americana's coolest dudes, are joining forces for the aptly titled "The World’s Greatest Living Songwriters Of All Time Tour." The tour kicks off on the East coast, in Virginia, makes a few stops in Colorado, before heading out west, for a coastal tour of California, Oregon and Washington.
Bob Schneider to Play Historic Liberty Hall in Tyler
I've got to be honest. I can't name one Bob Schneider song. And there's no way I could pick him out of a lineup (unless he always poses like the picture up there). So you're correct when assuming I wouldn't be able to identify him if his song were to play on my radio, cause I wouldn't. But, I'm so excited for this show.