This story is creepy!

According to KEYE NEWS in Austin, a 44 year old woman by the name of Paula Pennington has been charged with stalking Austin singer-songwriter Bob Schneider.

Police say in early August, Pennington had been posting vague Twitter messages to Schneider, including “That’s fine. Karma is a Bitch! Dont be surprised when ur “wife” does the same thing 2u , if not already? #DNAtest.”

According to court documents, in mid-August she confronted Schneider in the parking lot of the music venue Threadgill’s after his performance. She told Schneider she had brought some stuff “to make up for something that had happened.” Schneider told her he didn’t know who she was or what she was talking about and walked away from her. But Pennington followed him to his car and started pulling candy from a bag and telling him who each piece was for. Schneider asked her to take the candy and leave, he then drove away.

The affidavit says about two weeks later Schneider arrived at the Saxon Pub for a performance and was again confronted by Pennington in the parking lot. Schneider, shocked that she knew his routine and was waiting for him, told her he did not want to communicate with her and started walking away.

That’s when she grabbed his arm. Schneider pulled away and told her not to touch him, she replied, “I’ll stab your face.” Schneider was able to get into the club and away from Pennington. But after the performance Schneider was still a bit nervous and had a friend walk out with him to his car. Pennington was still in the parking lot waiting in her car.

Schneider’s friend tried to distract Pennington so Schneider could drive away, but that’s when she gunned her engine and headed straight for Schneider’s friend, who had to quickly jump out of the way, the affidavit says.

Schneider drove to the front of the club where other witnesses could see what was happening, and again Pennington followed him but after a minute she “screeched away” in her car, court documents say.

Pennington has been charged with a Third Degree Felony.