Cody Jinks and Paul Cauthen are two of the most real dudes you'll ever meet. We're sure Ward Davis is too, we've just never met him. So, before their show in Santa Ana, Ca., yesterday (Jan. 29), they decided to go Facebook Live and meet fans who were lining up early for that night's concert.

It's a tale as old as time, you go Facebook Live to say "hi" to the early birds, and the "early birds" don't even know who the hell ya are. Turns out they were in line for another show, and the poor souls didn't even realize that there were three musical badasses standing before them.

We tried, but couldn't make out who the "early birds" were there for. It's a safe bet whoever it was they're not as good, and two, that this will be the last time the boys go live on Facebook before sending out a couple of scouts first.

Good on the guys for leaving it up. It's funny.

Jinks made his national television debut on Conan, last week, and recently surprised fans with a cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." Both Cauthen and Jinks made our list of favorite albums of 2016.

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