What genre of music would you label Jason Isbell? More specifically, what kind of album would you call his latest release, Something More Than Free?

Some call it country, some call it rock, some call it indie, some call it folk. Many will place him under the Americana umbrella, though that's a recognized genre when it comes to album sales.

So, maybe the latest Billboard charts can help us with that.

When it comes to country albums, Jason Isbell's Something More Than Free is No. 1, ahead of country legend Alan Jackson, Sam Hunt, Zac Brown Band and Eric Church.

Rock? He's No. 1 again.

Indie? At the top.

Folk? Just call him numba one.

And when you take in all the genres together, Isbell has the No. 6 record on the Billboard 200. Not bad for a guy who was so unheard of he was asked to audition on 'The Voice.'

So, maybe the charts can't help us define Isbell, but there's nothing wrong with that. Just means more people across multiple genres are being exposed to one of the greatest songwriters of this generation.

Many congrats to Mr. Isbell on a fine record. When you can follow up a masterpiece like Southeastern with what he created in Something More Than Free, you're a helluva talent.

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Jason Isbell: 'Something More Than Free'