This week Paul Cauthen released a new music video that is equal parts amazing and trippy. He also announced a new album. Cauthen a.k.a Big Velvet will release Room 41 in September, but first you've got to hear the new song, "Cocaine Country Dancing."

“Finishing this record was one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever been a part of,” reflects Cauthen. “I’m honestly glad it’s done because I don’t think I’d survive if I had to do it all over again. No way.”

According to the release the album was written "during a roughly two-year stint spent living out of a suitcase in Dallas’ Belmont Hotel, Room 41 chronicles Cauthen’s white-knuckle journey to the brink and back, a harrowing experience that landed him in and out of the hospital as he careened between ecstasy and misery more times than he could count. Cauthen has long been a pusher of boundaries (musical and otherwise), and Room 41 is no exception, with electrifying performances that blend old-school country and gritty soul with 70’s funk and stirring gospel. His lyrics take on biblical proportions as they tackle lust and envy, pride and despair, destruction and redemption, but these songs are no parables."

“I’ve always been the kind of artist that can’t write something unless I feel it and I mean it.” says Cauthen, “This record is as real as it gets for me. I am these songs.”

Room 41 will be released on Sept. 6th. You can catch Cauthen on the road headlining his own shows, or with Midland, Cody Jinks, and Randy Houser later this year.

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