Over the weekend Whiskey Myers was turning heads at Americana Music Fest in Nashville. Rolling Stone Country highlighted performances from the festival with a series of "Best" designations, i.e. "Best Supergroup" or "Best Living Legend."

Whiskey Myers was named "Best 100 Proof," and they had this to say about their performance:

Rest assured, there was a lot of brown liquor downed during AmericanaFest, but none had as much burn as Whiskey Myers. The Texas quintet walloped fans with a fiery set that called to mind the best parts of Skynyrd and the Black Crowes. Highlighted by the title track from their latest album, Early Morning Shakes, the performance showcased singer Cody Cannon's soul-searching wail as well as the dual guitar attack of Cody Tate and John Jeffers. Mesmerizing to experience, by song's end, both band and audience were joyously spent. —Joseph Hudak